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Royale Dreamz makes the process of selling your car a breeze. We offer you a great price and an unbeatable deal for your vehicle, ensuring that you get the value you deserve. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with lengthy documentation and RC transfers that can take months – we take care of all the paperwork for you. Our team handles everything right from your doorstep, from inspection to payment. Trust Royale Dreamz to make your car selling experience convenient and stress-free.

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Get the best value for your car. Request your car inspection with one of our qualified evaluators at your convenience and doorstep. With Royale Dreamz, you can sell your car for the most profitable price on the market and enjoy a fully safe and speedy payment procedure. Just enter your car details and sit back. We will give you a call and come for assessment at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We provide you with the Best Market Price for your used car.
  • With only one store visit, you can sell your treasured old car.
  • Take advantage of Instant Money Transfer on your bank account.
  • We handle all paperwork and provide RC transfer.

We refurbish your luxury car after purchasing it and market it to prospective purchasers through our website. At our facilities, your vehicle is professionally maintained, and all test drives are conducted in a controlled, safe atmosphere.

Yes, we offer house inspections for a stress-free car selling experience. Please select your city from our page when scheduling the appointment to see if this service is offered in your area.

Within 35-45 minutes, our professional evaluators inspect your used car on 500+ quality check points. However, depending on the condition of the car, the process may take up to 60-70 minutes in some situations.

Your comfort is at the heart of the SellRight experience, and we acknowledge that commitments may arise. In this case, you can postpone or reschedule the car examination to a more convenient time by contacting customer service.

Please keep in mind that the evaluation does not guarantee the sale of your luxury vehicle. The evaluation report as well as the price quotation of your luxury car will be shared with you as part of our commitment to transparency.

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Copyright © 2023 by Royale Dreamz
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